Good Light, Bad Light

I’m supposed to watch light, huh?  What about it?  Isn’t it all the same? Well, no, it’s not.  Much to my surprise, the more I did what Vincent told me to do, the more I realized that maybe what he is saying is true.  Maybe he had a point to this light thing.  I began to notice how “warm” the light was on the hillsides just before sunset.  How it made them look like a painting. 

I remember how amazed I was at the differences there was in water reflections, how deep and rich the colors had become.  Another thing I noticed was how much more detail there was in the ordinary objects I took for granted.  Yea, Vincent was right, light changes, it warms up, it cools down, it saturates, it desaturates.  I then began to look everywhere for light. 

I’m sure Rebekah, at one point, wanted to stuff a sock in my mouth, because whenever we were out driving somewhere, I’d holler, out of nowhere, “wow, look at the light” or “wow, look at that”.  She’ll deny it, but I know my enthusiasm for being able to see what I wasn’t seeing before was like watching a child in a candy store.   

So now, whenever someone asks me what they can do to improve, I always tell them, “watch the lilght”.

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