I have always been one to photograph things I love.  It started out with nature, my family, flowers, commercial aircraft, birds and tabletop. Focusing on a particular genre enabled me to track my progress easily.  It also gave me the opportunity to learn from other photographers who specialized in shooting the same genre.  For instance, most recently, while focusing on bird photography, I spent a lot of time studying techniques and styles of wildlife photographers Moose Peterson, Art Morris, Tim Gray, and Maxis Gamez.  They are uniquely different in style and approach, but each had something unique and valuable to contribute.  The more I read, the more I learned.  The more I learned, the more excited and passionate about my subject I would get.  It IS a vicious cycle, because it never ends for me.  I always want to know more, and I always want to improve. One thing that became crystal clear to me from studying other artists, is that they had an intimate knowledge of their gear.  Not only were they using the best gear, but they knew how to use it. Ok, so I could not emulate their gear, but I could learn to use the gear I had, just as intimately as they knew theirs.  So I set out to learn the how’s and why’s of their techniques and applied that knowledge to my own gear. I researched on the web, I bought books, I joined birding groups on Flickr and picked the brains of folks whom whom I admired, and I practiced.

My desire to learn and improve will always drive me, because that is who I am.  So whatever genre I am obsessed with, whatever style I am studying, I will always give 110%.

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