My Inspiration

Today’s entry will be a short one, but, nonetheless, very important. 
I’ve been asked where I get my inspiration from?  How do I put that into words?  It’s not tangible. It’s not really something I can describe easily. But it is is something so very powerful and impactful to me.  
What it is, is watching a fellow photographer discover his/her own creative impact on the world. 
It’s watching the “light bulb” turn on when one never knew the light existed.  
It’s hearing about fellow photographers success and accomplishments when they never believed themselves worthy of accolades. 
It is hearing the excitement in one’s voice when they finally get that what they have to offer is worth listening to. 
That’s where I get my inspiration.  For everyone who has allowed me to contribute in one way or another, THANK YOU,  YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION.

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