A Little Thought of Trick

One of the easiest ways to add an unusual and personal perspective in your images is something most folks don’t think about.  Try shooting at ground level, either on your
stomach or sitting down.  It brings you down to the same level as a lot of wildlife but also, as an example, can make a huge difference with landscape images.  In this shot, I laid on my stomach and shot this with my 300mm lens, F8 and 1/250 shutter speed.  I focused almost half way out to show limited depth, and in actuality, created a sense of depth and serenity combined with the shades of blue and green.

2 thoughts on “A Little Thought of Trick

  1. I saw Garrey and Tim go prone on a shot once and it was funny to see – but once you get over the fear of people looking at you like you are a nutjob, you'll realize that sometimes it's the only way to fly.

    So I tried it one day in the public gardens and got all messy and ya know what, you're right – you just gotta do it sometimes. Esp. for those tiny little flowers like bluebells and such.

  2. You are so right, Lea. I felt the same as you when I first got down on the ground, but soon after I came to realize that getting the shot I really wanted was more valuable than feeling silly for a little while. Thank you for sharing your insights, Lea.

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