Greatness is: Integrity, Persistence and Determination

I was thinking about what I wanted to write today.  Then I started to think about the people in my life that I admire the most, and then my mind wondered to all the photographers I have learned from, studied, admired and followed over the years.  And the conclusion I came to was this.  They all have made something of their lives because they are passionate about what they do, and they are very successful.  But that does not automatically make them “Great”, at least NOT in my mind.

What makes an artist great, is if they possess integrity in the way they conduct their business, and how they treat the people they interact with.

Another characteristic is persistence, and this, I believe, borders on being obsessive in one’s desires to be the best they can as an artist, as well as a person.  Without this, one just talks the talk.

Lastly, I believe determination is an essential ingredient in the equation of greatness.  Learning all you can, exploring options and making sacrifices are critical.  Giving anything less than 100%, especially when it comes to success, just doesn’t cut it.

I strive to live my life with integrity.  I am determined, and those who know me, know that I am persistent.  I am also very passionate about photography, self expression, creativity, learning and most of all, people.

I hope that one day, I too, will be great.

8 thoughts on “Greatness is: Integrity, Persistence and Determination

  1. I am glad you started a blog Cynthia. You are doing such a great job. I wish I had the time to spend on my photography. Keep up the great work.


  2. Thank you Garrey. I appreciate your taking the time to look. Hope you are doing well, and I look forward to when you can find the time to pick up your camera again. You are too talented to be silenced.

  3. Most people live their lives blindly…going from one day to the next…from birth and the discovery of the world around them up to their last moments with us as their light dims. Others, like you, chose to lead, influence, encourage and nurture while savoring the simple things and the moments that make a life and a person great. You are already great, Cynthia. Your light and your life are palpable.

  4. Like you, Cynthia, I strongly believe in all those things as well. It does, however, present some problems for others. These attributes can make them feel uncomfortable, inferior and insecure.

    Now, I have never figured out why my wanting to be the best in my endeavors should bother or affect anyone else. I never could understand why anyone's minimum effort should ever be a goal.

    I really could gone on for awhile on this subject, but I've said more than enough for now.

    Keep up the efforts in your blog, Cynthia. I'm sure there will be plenty of readers that may never comment, so don't get discouraged.

    Joe Chan

  5. Wow, Cynthia!!

    I'm simply blown away by your blog…I couldn't stop reading and was dissapointed when I came to the last entry.

    You told someone on flickr to check out your blog 'follow the light' and I did and will follow your blog with enthusiasm. I found it extremely interesting & I identified with so many things you spoke of and realized I've been doing a lot of shooting and should be doing a lot more studying the art.

    Thank you for all your insights. My tripod which I never use (I generally use a monopod) but will soon learn it's true value and most of all what you said about 'slowing down'.

    I love to learn and have such a very long way to go with just a little over a year of 'birding' behind me. After reading all of your inspiring entries I want to say to you….THANK YOU! Doris

  6. Doris, thank you so much for your comment. Your words make it all worth while to me. That's why I do and will continue to write this blog. I am very glad that what I write is beneficial to you. Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions in the future. I'm available.

  7. Dear Anonymous (Joe),
    LOL, I knew by what you wrote it was you!!!! Thank you for your input, and not to worry, I will not get discouraged. Because it is not about what kind of, or the amount of comments I receive. It's about making a difference for any and all who read. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

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