Do I Have a Style??

I hear a lot of talk on bulletin boards and online social websites about a Photographer’s “style”.  What is that? What does it mean? Is it how you take your pictures? Is it how you process your pictures? Does it pertain to the subject you choose to photograph that defines your “style?”. Well, personally, I think it’s just another term people like to throw around just to confuse us all. After all, aren’t you constantly changing the way you take pictures? Aren’t you constantly changing the subjects you photograph? And most importantly, aren’t you constantly growing and changing the way you process your images? I know I am, and therefore, I do not have a “style”, and I say that proudly.

I would hate to be labeled as someone who only does things a predefined way, never changing or growing as an artist.

I recently came upon an artist who inspires me to think outside the box. She is very talented, and diverse in her vision.

I purchased and downloaded a couple of her e-books and began reading. I don’t often come across an artist whom I feel so comfortable about promoting, but Denise Ippolito is very different. She has worked closely with one of the top bird photographers in the world, Art Morris. But she isn’t defined by that experience. Her talents are diverse and deep, and she is her own artist. Her techniques are very well described in her e-books, and the results are breathtaking. If you want to expand your horizons as an artist, and think outside the box, then Denise is one to follow.

Her website is: I know you won’t be disappointed. I haven’t been.

6 thoughts on “Do I Have a Style??

  1. Cynthia, I think you make some really good points especially about not defining ourselves. I think we all need to keep our minds open to change and growth. I know I do. You are too kind and I appreciate your support. I hope we meet someday soon. You are such an encouraging, fresh spirit and I appreciate your work.

  2. I agree with you. Every photo taken is your own, not much to do with “own style” I might say I like your “style” but what I would mean is your work is recognisably great! People put their own stamp on things, but that doesn't mean we can't grow. I've grown, and it's through learning and inspiration. I think some people are protective of their work. Using a “style” screams a fierce need to protect identity. Most people would be flattered if their work inspired others. Those with a “unique style” aren't. I know what I mean!

  3. Well, said, all of you. I'd wondered for years about my so-called style, and finally just decided to be myself and not worry about how I get defined! I try to make opportunities to grow in my photography (and processing), but my interests are all over the map! Some might say that I am not “focused” enough, but so be it.

  4. Thanks A.C. I appreciate your comments. Bravo to you. One thing I've recently learned, you must be your own artist. Shoot for what makes you happy and no else. Thanks again for your comments.

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