Goodbye to Flickr

Where it used to be fun, it is no more. Where it used to be engaging, it is no more. Where it used to feel like family, sadly, it is no more. Where it used to be a place of sharing, caring and giving, it is no more, for me.

I’ll soon be saying goodbye to the place I call Flickr.  Call me silly, but it meant something to me.  Call me sentimental, but the people I became close with, we no longer are. 

I carry forward memories, tons of personal growth, experiences, both good and bad.  I found mentors, Steve, Kevan, Cyrus.  Wow, you guys were awesome.  I found true friends, thank you, *Lea*, Ziggy, Joe, Tim and Garrey.  I am forever grateful.

But what will always stay with me, are the many opportunities I had to give to others, thru support, friendship, critique and many gift Pro accounts.  I loved that part. 🙂

Thank you all, for letting me contribute and be a part of your lives.  You have impacted me more than you will ever know. 


4 thoughts on “Goodbye to Flickr

  1. Thanks for all you did for me, Cynthia. I would have never met you if not for Flickr. You ARE the most talented photographer I have ever known. And one of the nicest people too! I still want 'the book'!

  2. Hi Cyn, I know I haven't posted to flickr in a just really has gotten in the way. I still check out you work always. I want to thank you also for being a great flickr friend. You have inspired me in was you'll never know. I will miss your post of beautiful birds and still life. I will continue to check you on FB. Soon as I get a chance to post on FB I would like your feedback. I've still been shooting. Thanks for being you and taking the time to share your work with us on flickr. Will miss you much. I think your a wonderful generous person. Stay well my friend, Peace and Blessings Diane AKA Deeiceberg

  3. Linda, you will be the first to get a copy of my first coffee table book, I promise! Thank you for being so funny, fun and open to my contributions! You are one of the best! I have enjoyed knowing you. Still remember when I first saw you in the critique group and you were all mad because everyone was so rude. You were so fiery, I just knew I had to find out what this gal was all about! What an inspiring talent you are!

  4. Diane, thank you my friend! I can't wait to see what you have been up to! I'd be happy to chime in with feedback! Let me know! You ate another inspiring person to me. Your talent and creativity is limited only by you! Keep it up, never stop! Thank you for all you gave to me.

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