It’s Been Way Too Long…..

I haven’t posted to my blog since I converted over to WordPress, and I’m feeling uninspired as to what to write about, but yet, I feel the need to share what’s been going on with me lately.

I’ve been in a huge shooting slump. Normally, I can’t wait to get outside and be with nature. But that has felt like a struggle as of late. I have, however, taken a couple trips lately, in which I did bring my camera and did shoot some shots. But that’s different.

I have spent a great deal of time learning new techniques and exploring different ways of processing my work. I like not being stuck processing my images the same way every time, all the time. More specifically, I have spent quite a bit of time playing with and learning about converting my images to black & white. There is definitely a creative outlet with b&w, because all you have to worry about are the tones. Light and Shadows. Depth and Balance. I like that.

What I’ve also been doing, besides brushing off the dust, is revisiting my workflow. What I do when out in the field. What equipment do I need and don’t need. As time passes, needs change, and I feel that is important to take stock of, as a photographer. So, not much inspiration to share today, I just wanted to start back with writing again, as it is very important to me to share. Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been Way Too Long…..

  1. Sometimes you just need a good venting session and amazingly enough doing this can lead to the reasons behind your slump. I know you will get back into the groove of things, you always do!!

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