Slow Times…..

I often fall into slow periods where I don’t feel very motivated. A while back, I was corresponding with one
of my contacts on Flickr.  He left me with a couple very inspiring quotes.  I often refer to these when going
thru my notebook, which I keep filled with techniques and such.  They help me to remember that I still have a
lot to learn.  Thus, when I am in a slow time, more often than not, I hit the books and tutorials to find my
mojo again.
1.  “Never Let yourself Feel as Though You’ve Shot The Perfect Phogograph”.
                                                                                                                                Steve Korevec
and my favorite…..
2.  “None of us Teaches.  The Person With the Hunger Teaches Himself”.
                                                                                                                                Steve Korevec
These quotes are so very powerful to me. Thank you, Steve.

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