The Importance of Developing a Workflow.

In all my years of photography, I’ve learned the value and importance of developing a solid and consistent workflow. The benefits are both many and important.

For starters, you begin to develop consistent results. It also makes it easy to spot any problems you may be experiencing, or isolate any areas where you may need improving. Another benefit to developing a workflow is that it builds structure and confidence in your methodology relating to producing the best possible outcomes. I’m not just speaking about post-processing techniques, but also when you take your gear out to shoot.

Before I go out and shoot, I always take the time to go thru my bag, make sure I have all the equipment I “may need”. Yes, I said “may need”. Too many times I have been out shooting, and I reached into my bad for a piece of equipment, and it wasn’t there. So when I pack for a trip now, I have a check-list. It works for me. I make sure my batteries are charged, camera and lens are clean, spare batteries for my flash are packed, and my tripod is in the truck. Without this, mistakes happen, necessary equipment is not packed and shots are missed. And for me, that is not acceptable, anymore than rushing thru my post processing techniques.

Having a consistent and reliable workflow, in my opinion, is as basic as my gear.

4 thoughts on “Workflow

  1. Thanks Cynthia! This is something I need to work on. I’ve gotten better on teh bring the necessary items with me. However, now that I’m using LR, I need to work on creating a workflow that will work well for. The check list of things I need to work on just keeps growing. Sigh.

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