I Love My Tripod



I have always used a tripod to some extent, but over the years it is become invaluable to me.  A lot of photographers claim they can hold their camera rock steady.  Good for them.  I can’t.  So I use a tripod, because I love a sharp image. 

But hold on, there are more benefits to a tripod, other than getting sharp images.  For starters, having my camera, lens and flash unit on a tripod gives me the opportunity to take my hands off the camera, if I so choose.  A lot of times, when shooting wildlife, one has to wait for just the right moment.  That wait can sometimes be long.  Also, I feel more relaxed and am able to think more about what I intend to accomplish. 

In addition, having my camera on a tripod opens up many more exposure options than I would have otherwise. I am able to use any shutter speed/aperture/ISO combination I choose.  That, in my mind, is worth the trouble of hauling it around with me.  I actually prefer shooting with my gear on a tripod, because I know that I am giving myself the best possible chance for capturing my vision.


7 thoughts on “I Love My Tripod

  1. I didn’t get a chance to tell you earlier – I ordered a new tripod and head. Oh, I’ve come a long way baby!

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