Looking for Light



When I first started getting serious about photography, I would usually concentrate on shooting certain subjects.  At first it was flowers, and then for the longest time, all I shot were commercial airplanes. I spent hours upon hours at airports. It wasn’t until recently did I realize what I was really looking  for.  It wasn’t a subject.  It wasn’t a thing.  It was “light”.

 I remember being told by Vincent Versace, in his Flickr group, Welcome to Oz, “First spend as much time as you can just watching it. EVERY aspect of it, in the morning it’s length, the soft or hardness, how long does it last, overcast days, low light, lots a light, just watch it and slow down enough to truly be taken by it.”

 So I started looking for “light”, and wow, was that eye opening.  I started seeing light and how it changed an object’s shape, texture and color.  I felt like a kid in a candy store when I saw the soft golden light lay on a hillside, or a flower.  Then I started to notice the differences between different sources of light being used outside, especially at night time.

 I still get this same sense of excitement in the pit of my stomach whenever I see this perfect, soft light. 

 Anyone can take a picture of an object, but not everyone will see the same thing.  Look for “light”.

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