My Lightroom Workflow, part 2

I frequently get asked how I get such great detail in the white areas of my images. The trick to obtaining these results is first and foremost, proper exposure.   For 85% of my shooting, I utilize Matrix metering.  However, it really doesn’t matter which mode you use, as long as you use it properly. For instances where I am shooting white, or some other important tone, I’ll switch over to spot metering, and meter on that particular tone.  In Lightroom, when I am setting my white and black points, I really pay close attention to the histogram. If you are not careful and don’t pay attention to the histogram when you are adjusting the sliders in the Develop module, you could easily clip your highlights. Sometimes it is not possible to obtain all the detail in the white/highlights, so I just get as close as I can, without adversely affecting the tonal range of the image.

Another thing I pay close attention to is making sure I have a full range of tones.  Again, watching and understanding how the histogram is affected by your editing is very important.  In Lightroom, I tend to favor NOT bunching up the tones, not over saturating or adding too much contrast.  This leaves me with a lot more option when I take my image into Photoshop.

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