Truth or Fluff


When I first began posting my images online, it was sometimes difficult to hear negative comments.  Naturally, I thought my pictures were perfect (what a joke).  It actually took a long time for me to understand that the negative comments were not meant as personal attacks, but as “opinions”.  Some were constructive, some were not.

Today, I’d rather hear a negative or constructive opinion, than what I call, fluff.  Examples, “nice shot”, “Awesome job”, “Good work”.  Why? Depending on the source of the comment, they might be suggesting a way for me to improve that I may not have thought about.  Now, I can’t

speak for anyone else, but I want to improve, I want to produce the best possible work I can.  I don’t necessarily want to hear, well, fluff.

I have begun posting my work to a more professional forum, in hopes I can get opinions and suggestions which will help me grow as an artist and photographer.  I am excited about this. The last few months I have been re-editing a lot of my older images because my editing skills have

changed drastically in the last 4 years.  Seeing the progression and differences that editing choices make, I am excited to grow and learn more.

Learning, growth and excellence are what I am all about.


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