It’s a Lonely Place

Have you ever tried to explain to someone why you do what you do?  How about trying to explain that funny feeling you get in your stomach when you are in the zone?  For you, it defies words.  It’s a feeling.  An emotion.  How do you explain or define emotions?    For me, it is what drives my creativity, my willingness to be different.  It can’t be contained, as some people would prefer.  Without that connection to my emotions, I would not be the artist I am.  A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with my mother, bless her soul. She so loves me and wants to understand what drives me.  When I try and share the connection between my emotions and my creativity, I start to babble.  Well I understand it all, but I could not formulate the words I needed to make her understand.  So she thinks I’m a babbling artist, and probably most of my friends do, too.  But that’s ok, because I understand me.  I understand the rush of emotion I feel when I witness the wonder and beauty of nature.  I understand the constant craving for learning something new or how to do something better. I understand the feeling of “anything is possible” whenever I pick up my camera.  I understand it.  It’s what drives me.  It’s who I am.  It is also a lonely place, because no one else understands, the way I do.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Lonely Place

  1. I think we also have a problem understanding how some people don’t see or appreciate all that life has to offer. Truly, they don’t. They don’t crave knowledge or the thrill of discovery. Even though it feels lonely at times; it is the best! I see it in your work. I feel it in your post. I feel it in my own life. Sometimes it is over-whelming, trying to process it all. I have to watch myself or I get too many different projects, searches, passions working at the same time. I have another friend like this too. She is a graphic artist, cake maker, photographer, antique collector/restorer and, soon to be, mommy! We are so much alike; it is crazy! This ‘constant craving’ can make you crazy. But can you imagine a life where all you looked forward to, at the end of the day, was to set on the couch and catch up with your favorite ‘soap’? Ughhhhhhh! LOL

  2. Constant craving of knowledge and discovery can be troublesome for some, but for me, it is what keeps things interesting. I thrive on it.

    I knew you’d appreciate this post. People are so very different. I know many of my family and friends will read this and wonder what tangent I’m on now, etc. The sad part is that I will never be able to explain it so that there is understanding or empathy. When I said, in the last sentence, about it being a lonely place because no one else understands the way I do, well, it is very true. Even with your level of understanding with what I wrote, you will never know what it is like to walk in my shoes, just like I will never know what it is like to walk in yours. I can only stand back, and watch, and listen, with gratitude and admiration, for all you do, Linda. Thank you, for commenting, and saying what was there for you.

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