It’s a Lonely Place

Have you ever tried to explain to someone why you do what you do?  How about trying to explain that funny feeling you get in your stomach when you are in the zone?  For you, it defies words.  It’s a feeling.  An emotion.  How do you explain or define emotions?    For me, it is what […]

Truth or Fluff

When I first began posting my images online, it was sometimes difficult to hear negative comments.  Naturally, I thought my pictures were perfect (what a joke).  It actually took a long time for me to understand that the negative comments were not meant as personal attacks, but as “opinions”.  Some were constructive, some were not. […]

My Lightroom Workflow, part 2

I frequently get asked how I get such great detail in the white areas of my images. The trick to obtaining these results is first and foremost, proper exposure.   For 85% of my shooting, I utilize Matrix metering.  However, it really doesn’t matter which mode you use, as long as you use it properly. For […]

Electronic Flash

It’s only been in the last few years that I have begun using electronic flash when shooting outdoors.  What I have found is that I prefer the fill flash function on my flash unit (the aperture and shutter speed are adjusted to correctly expose the background, and the flash is fired to lighten the foreground, […]

I Love My Tripod

  I have always used a tripod to some extent, but over the years it is become invaluable to me.  A lot of photographers claim they can hold their camera rock steady.  Good for them.  I can’t.  So I use a tripod, because I love a sharp image.  But hold on, there are more benefits […]

Looking for Light

  When I first started getting serious about photography, I would usually concentrate on shooting certain subjects.  At first it was flowers, and then for the longest time, all I shot were commercial airplanes. I spent hours upon hours at airports. It wasn’t until recently did I realize what I was really looking  for.  It […]

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